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bulletIncreased Business Competence. Learn new styles of management, decision-making, planning, and motivation... to be used when dealing with a foreign culture.
bulletIntercultural Behavior and Customs. Learn how to behave appropriately when entering on foreign ground. Ensure getting off to a good start and avoiding unnecessary faux pas.
bulletInterface Between Countries. Learn how to alter your normal way of doing things to mesh your procedures with those of your partners.
bulletIntervention Before Crisis. Learn how to manage conflict as a positive force. Through understanding differences in cultural approaches potential crisis situations can be avoided.
bulletInternalized Bilingual Communication. Learn to use a foreign language as a key to success between cultures, colleagues and customers.
bulletIndividual Based Curriculum. Learn how to apply IBC’s services to enable you to achieve your individual objectives.
bulletImproved Business Costs. Learn to invest your corporate spending wisely to gain long-term financial advantages.
bulletInternationally Based Cooperation. Learn how to take advantage of IBC'S collaboration with international networks which offer timely assistance in covering all of your organizational needs.


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